Customer Reviews

All Reviews are from peoples who have redeemed deals with us with us!

Ashely A.

Anna was fantastic!

Cheryl S.

The 90 minute massage with Venietra was amazing. She sure found some tight spots and worked them out. I would go back to her again.

Bethany S.

Pure Bliss package is 100% worth it. Best massage I've ever had, and the facial left my skin looking and feeling wonderful.

Lauren-Ashley D.

The customer service, the products and the ambience were all superb. I got the Pure Bliss package and it was phenomenal to leave with my knots kneaded out and my skin glowing. Anne was perfect - I’ll definitely be returning. Thank you!

Min R.

One of the best spa packages I’ve had in a long time. This was the first affordable spa I found with Phytomer products. Service was super as well. I’ll definitely go back.

Julie R.

Amazing customer service, clean and professional place. Amazing massage a facial. Highly recommend her

Sheila Y.

Anna and Rachel were great. It was an amazing experience and one of my top massages ever. I recommend not planning anything after. I’m headed home for bed.

Arti O.

LOVE the place, owner and the massage therapist Helen. The massage and facial was amazing. I have signed up their book club and will be a regular customer.

Jessica P.

It was such a pleasure going there- from the ambiance of the Spa to the services themselves. Each room was clean, well decorated, and super cozy. I went in for the Pure Bliss package and had the pleasure of working with the owner. She not only delivered an incredible experience but shes a sweetheart. Thank you Herban Therapies Spa!

Ellen L.

The ladies were welcoming and very, very good at what they do. I had an amazing massage and a facial. The place is so calm and serene...everyone should go there!!!!!

Janvier S.

I had not been treated way better than this place. Not only that I have not been charge by missing my appointment, but also they had accommodated me by even rescheduling it! First time ever that happened to me and who would had thought that even if it is bought thru groupon. Would definitely recommend this place thru my experience. This spa just made another customer that would be coming back.

Brittany W.

Without a doubt I would highly recommend Herban Therapies Spa. I received a microdermabrasion facial and honestly, it was one of the most relaxing facials I’ve had. The products that they use smell amazing! I’ll definitely be going back.