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What Is Dermaplaning And What Are The Benefits You’re Getting?

Maybe you’re wondering, why you can still feel some sort of roughness and notice uneven skin tone on your facial skin even if you have already consumed so many skincare products.

Well, it looks like you need to have a dermaplaning session right now. But first, let me explain to you what dermaplaning is.

What is dermaplaning?

According to Healthline, dermaplaning is a type of skin procedure that aims to remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz through an exfoliating blade. Yes, you heard it right, blades. But you don't have to worry because it is a safe procedure. This is also recommended for all skin types.

Dermaplaning can be similar to shaving. The only difference is that dermaplaning is designed to target the deeper skin layer to reveal the younger and fresher layer. Due to the pollution in our environment, it can significantly affect our skin. It makes it look duller and dehydrated.

Now, let us discuss the benefit of using dermaplaning.

Benefits of Dermaplaning

1. Better skincare experience

Due to clogged pores and dead skin cells, skin care products cannot penetrate well. With the help of dermaplaning, your pores can be unclogged deeply. It can also remove those dry skin layers. We can assure that your facial skin will embrace the products you put in, and it will penetrate well.

2. Reveals the Fresh Layer of the Skin

Every scrape of the dermaplaning would be satisfying. Right after finishing the treatment, you can already notice the difference between the before and after dermaplaning results. Since dermaplaning aims to remove the dead skin cells on the top layer of the skin, you can experience a better feeling about yourself and gain more self esteem.

3. Lessen the appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles are some of the signs of aging. Dermaplaning can definitely help with reducing these. The deep exfoliating helps promote collagen production. This is because collagen floods the area where the skin is injured to speed up its recovery process and create new skin. With dermaplaning, collagen occurs after the scraping of the skin. This creates a much firmer layer of the skin with lesser wrinkles and fine lines.

By engaging in dermaplaning sessions, you can notice great changes right after your first try. This treatment has a deep coverage on the top layer of the skin. No pain, and most importantly gentle and satisfying.

4. It works for all skin type

One of our common concerns before trying a treatment or a specific product is the capability and its effect on the skin. Well, good news! Because dermaplaning is applicable for all skin types whether you have a dry, sensitive, acne prone skin or oily skin type, dermaplaning covers it all.

5. Reduce acne and other skin problem

Dermaplaning is proven to reduce the risk of acne and other facial problems. Small hair particles surrounding the face can be a huge problem. Peach fuzz seems to be normal, but this small volume of hair can trap oil and dirt on the skin causing acne and irritation. So it’s better to vanish them and feel comfortable.

Where to Do Dermaplaning?

When it comes to dermaplaning treatments, Herban Therapies Spa offers an excellent dermaplaning experience. With the help of experts and well-trained staff, you can surely have a safe and satisfying session for this treatment. So, what are you waiting for? Book a visit now. With Herban Therapies Spa, we treat your skin the special treatment it deserves.

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