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Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Haven't heard of spa treatment yet? Spa treatment is a non-medical procedure that aims to help, heal, and give relief to the body through various methods, including massage. Spa Treatments can be done on the face, foot and hand, or the entire body. These treatments also bring such satisfaction and different benefits.


As they say, skincare is a must. Having healthy skin makes you look younger, firmer, and boosts your confidence, but have you wondered about the additional benefits you can get by engaging yourself in a massage and spa?

Aside from the calming and satisfying feeling that the spa offers, it definitely gives you and your body:

1. Relief from stress and anxiety

The spa is known for being a stress reliever place. A precious area where they provide you with the comfort, calmness, and peace of mind you want. After a stressful week, the spa is there to accommodate you, providing a perfect place to unwind and reduce your stress while making you feel positive energy within your body.

2. Help in Anti-Aging and hydrating the skin.

Various types of treatments are provided by spas. Treatments for the face, foot, and body also come with some packages for the whole experience of satisfaction. Anti-aging facial treatments help you get rid of fine lines and wrinkles and make your skin hydrated and fresh, making you years younger than your actual age.

3. Better Sleep

Through the help of massage and treatments, you will experience balanced and more enjoyable sleep patterns. Sleeping is an essential care for the body because it restores the torn tissues of the body while making you feel energized. Massage helps to lower your blood pressure and relax the muscles in the body leaving you a replenishing feeling within.

4. Lessen Headaches and Pain

Regular massage therapy can lessen headaches through reducing overall stress and muscle tension that can trigger headache pain. Once a muscle tension eases, it causes oxygen-rich blood circulation to improve and this helps relieve pain.

5. Improve blood flow and circulation

Improved circulation because of getting massage therapy helps improve relaxation, relieve the effects of injury and muscle tightness. By engaging yourself with spa treatments, you can lessen the risk of being prone to various illnesses that might badly affect you and your body.

6. Weight Loss

If you’re struggling with health issues which include unnecessary body fat, spa massage treatments can also help you in resolving those problems. It shows that an hour-long massage treatment can burn up to 230 calories.

Given all these benefits above, we can conclude that spa treatments have a lot of advantages towards our body. It’s not a simple massage but a therapy that will bring you satisfaction and a calming feeling you’re waiting for. Feel relieved while making yourself physically and mentally healthy. So what are you wanting for! Take a visit with us and experience the memorable spa treatment with Herban Spa.

Herban Therapies Spa is located at : 1515 116th Ave NE STE 109, Bellevue, WA 98004, United States. For booking kindly visit

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