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DO’s and DON’Ts After a Facial Treatment: Tips

After finishing a relaxing facial treatment, what should be your routine to maintain that post-facial glow? Here’s a list of DOs and DON’Ts that might help you in choosing the right steps to follow and products to choose.


1. Keep Skin Hydrated and Moisturized

Showing that water has a lot of benefits on our body, after a facial treatment, drinking plenty of water is a must. This will keep your skin radiant and prevent your facial skin from being dull and dehydrated. Another tip to lock in hydration to your skin is using a gentle moisturizer for the face. You may use your trusted brand of moisturizer but it would be better if it’s a gentle one because your face will be sensitive after the treatment. You’d want to avoid irritating it as much as you can.

The good news is Phytomer has the perfect moisturizer that your skin needs after a facial treatment, the HYDRACONTINUE 12Hr Moisturizing Face Gel. This refreshing gel infuses skin with moisturizing agents from morning until night with an "anti-thirst" cosmetic formula, a real moisturizing bath for the skin.

You may get this on our official site: or whenever you visit our spa. Aside from the benefits stated, drinking lots of water and using moisturizer will add up the glow on your skin that you wanted.

2. Just Exfoliate Weekly

After facial treatment, it is recommended to exfoliate at least once a week so that the skin can change into its brighter and more radiant form, preventing clogged pores that cause breakouts. Exfoliating is one of the best ways to replenish and prevent build-up on the skin. And here at Herban Therapies Spa, we got the best and high-end exfoliating products from Phytomer. There are 4 products to choose from and you may also consult with our experts to know which variant would work best on your skin.

However, too much exfoliation especially after a facial treatment must be avoided. Your skin will be too sensitive and delicate after this procedure. Irritation and stinging of the skin can be experienced. Wait for at least a week or until when your skin expert tells you before exfoliating to avoid these issues.

3. Use a Vitamin C serum to protect skin from free radicals

After facial treatment, your environment will affect how long your post-facial glow will last. Environmental stressors such as air pollution and extreme temperatures won’t be good for the skin. These might also cause wrinkles, contribute to dehydration and make your skin look dull.

To avoid these and keep a fresh complexion after a facial, try adding Vitamin C Serum to your skincare routine. With the help of this serum, you can avoid free radicals, brighten dull skin, lessen wrinkles and promote collagen production.

No need to search for Vitamin C Serums because Phytomer has an ultra-light serum that visibly lights up the complexion and reduces the appearance of pigmentation spots. It is called the WHITE LUMINATION Brightening Serum and you can purchase it using this link: and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

4. Follow the esthetician’s advice

The best way to maximize your facial treatment is to consult your esthetician about the post-facial routine that you must follow. There’s no better way to know what’s best for your skin other than consulting the experts. With the help of experts on Herban Therapies, we can assure you will have the best consultation and assistance about your skin.

5. Book next appointments

As the seasons change, the weather can affect your skin’s condition too. So we, at Herban Therapies, will help you maintain your skin’s health and know its specific needs. Your skincare routine at home combined with in-spa treatments can make your skin look even better.

For best results, you might want to consider going back for another session to maintain that glowing, smooth skin and fresh complexion. Book through our official site: and get the best facial treatment you’ll ever experience.


1. Sun and heat exposure

It has been and will always be a must to protect the skin from UV rays every day. Yes, every single day, no matter what type of weather you have in your area. But this is most especially a must for people who just went through a facial treatment. Since the face is very sensitive, it needs extra protection from the sun and its UV rays more. But where can you get the best sunscreen for your skin you may ask? Well, worry no more because these are also available at Herban Therapies Spa.

Not only one, but there are 2 Phytomer Sunscreens to choose from. First, Sun Solution (SPF30+), an ultra-light, non-sticky cream offers effective sun damage protection and helps to keep the skin youthful. Second, Solution Soleil Ocean+ (Moisturizing Protective Sunscreen SPF50+). This very high protection sunscreen has been tested and validated under dermatological control. Safe for coral: Its formula contains no oxybenzone or octinoxate. This light cream melts into the skin, moisturizes, and leaves behind a floral fragrance with notes of rose, mimosa and green tea with undertones of musk.

2. Frequently Touching

Basically, we use our hands for almost everything. We can’t avoid the unseen germs, bacteria, and dirt that may come from the stuff that we touched. So after a facial, it is best to not touch your face every now and then since your pores are still open due to the steam during the treatment. Touching your skin gives way for dirt and bacteria to accumulate within the deeper layers of your skin. You sure wouldn’t want to get your face dirty especially when you just paid to make it look good, right?

Aside from that, after your facial treatment, your facial skin is hypersensitive. Even how smooth and soft it is, please avoid touching it and keep your hands off. You can longer enjoy that feeling, as the procedure continues. Meanwhile, after your treatments, keep in mind that a simple touch is enough since your skin is still precious and delicate.

3. Actions that can damage the skin

As tempting as it may seem, you should avoid popping and picking your pimples, blackheads, or whiteheads. Necessary extractions were already done during your facial. Although you might notice some will still be left, it is because those blemishes are not close enough to the surface. Extracting them will be quite dangerous. It is best to keep your hands off your face after your facial. The best you can do is to leave them and schedule your next appointment for further extractions.

Waxing, laser treatments, as well as shaving is not recommended after this treatment. As mentioned earlier, your skin is very sensitive after this procedure, so any type of actions that can damage the skin layer and structure must be avoided.

4. Harmful and toxic products

Use products that are gentle to the skin after the facial. Have a consultation with our experts from Herban Therapies so you would know more about the products to use and the routine to do. By making sure that the products are healthy on your skin, you can definitely benefit from it. This can prevent you from having prior issues within your skin and at the same time you can feel safe and comfortable while using the products on your skin.

5. Heavy Make-Ups

It is advisable to book your facial treatment when there are no upcoming special occasions where you need to glam up. Note that after this treatment, pores are still open. It is best to just keep your face bare and no heavy makeup on for a few days as this might cause irritation to your sensitive skin. Some makeup also comes with various elements that can trigger your facial skin even in a short period of time. To avoid any problems, you can wear light makeup and have a proper cleansing and removal after using them.

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