Facials: Luxury or Necessity

April 22, 2016


Facials are often thought of as a luxury, and while a facial can be relaxing and rejuvenating it is also an essential part of maintaining your skin’s health. There are many kinds of facials out there and a billions of products advertised that guarantee results. With so many options it can often be hard to determine which products and treatments will be right for you. That is one of the greatest advantages of receiving a facial. Your skin care therapist‘s job to listen to your skin care concerns and help you determine products and services are going to benefit you the most. Not only can we help you determine the right products but we can show you different techniques to improve your at home regimen that will give you the results that you are looking for. Here at Herban Therapies, we have two amazing skin care lines to suit every skin care type and condition. We have numerous options for facial services and we are able to help you determine which service will best suit your needs. Each facial is customized to your skin type and conditions in order to give you the best outcome possible.


Topics to discuss with your esthetician.

Before the facial service begins your esthetician should ask you basic questions about your skin care regimen, the products you are using, how often you are using these products and how your skin feels throughout the day. Just from this discussion and analyzing your skin your esthetician can determine if you regimen is helping or hurting your skin’s health. For example, exfoliation is an essential component to your skin’s well-being. It helps to remove dead skin cells on the surface while assisting with your skin turnover rate and preventing excess skin buildup that can cause texture on the epidermis.  Although there is a general recommendation of how often you should exfoliate, the number really depends on your skin type, skin conditions and your age. Another example is how your products could be obstructing the results you desire. For instance, you could be using a cleanser that is supposed to help reduce the oil production in your skin. However, what you may not know is that your product may be stripping your pores so much that it is causing your sebaceous glands to overproduce oil. These are just a couple examples of how your esthetician can help you to achieve your anticipated results before even getting into the service.


The service itself.

If you have never had a facial before and don’t know what to expect this is a basic overview of what the service will entail:

  1. Consultation

  2. Cleanse

  3. Exfoliate

  4. Massage

  5. Mask

  6. Moisturize

Now this may all sound like a process that you can do at home, and you can (although it is pretty difficult to massage your own face for twenty minutes). The benefits of receiving a facial from a skin care therapist is that you have the added benefits of a professional determining the right products for you, as well as techniques that help to brighten your complexion and balance your skin. [Balanced skin has an equal amount of water and oil. When you lack oil your skin is dry and when you lack water your skin is dehydrated. Both dry and dehydrated skin is something that we encounter a lot and an imbalance of these elements can lead to premature aging. ] Estheticians also have tools that assist in the deep cleansing of the pores. There are many tools, such as pore extractors, that anyone can buy and use at home.  However, misuse of these tools can actually damage your pores or spread bacteria to surrounding areas of your face.

Another benefit of a professional facial is relaxation. We often undervalue the power of touch and massage. While a facial massage feels amazing and is very relaxing, it is also very beneficial to your skins health.  Facial massage helps increase circulation, relaxes facial muscles, finishes the cleansing process, softens sebum, sloughs off deal skin cells, and reduces puffiness.


How often should I get a facial?

It is recommended to get a facial about every two weeks to every month. It is always good to check in with your esthetician within this time frame to see how your skin is responding to the changes in your regimen and be able to adjust accordingly. Plus it is an hour of bliss that you owe yourself and your skin and you walk out feeling rejuvenated and your skin glowing. It is also important to remember that some skin conditions, such as acne and hypo/hyperpigmentation often need repeated care in order to see drastic results. It is critical that your esthetician is very honest with you about the immediate results you will see, how many treatments you may need in order to see results, if additional at home care will be required or if you need to see a dermatologist for your condition.








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