Dead Sea Salt Glow (Full Body Scrub)

$95 (50min)

An exfoliating treatment that makes skin appear younger by speeding up the body's own natural sloughing process. The process begins with dry brushing, an age-old process of brushing skin with a natural brush to stimulate lymph flow, improve circulation, exfoliate skin and help cellulite.The end result is silky, smooth skin. 

Moor Mud Body Wrap 

$150 (90 min)

A revitalizing European Therapy using mineral-rich Moor Mud to heal, soothe and rejuvenate dull, dry skin and tired muscles. Warm mud is applied to the entire body and then wrapped in a warm blanket. An application of our revitalizing, Body Butter completes this amazing spa experience.

Seaweed Body Envelopment 


Re-mineralize and detoxify your body with dry brushing to stimulate the lymphatic flow. Seaweed is then smoothed onto your body and then wrapped in a cocoon-like thermal blanket. A nourishing, hydration
cream is the perfect finishing touch. (approx. 75 min)

Hot Stone Mud Body Renewal 

$150 (90min)

This rejuvenating body treatment begins with a hot stone massage on the back and neck. Then warm Moor Mud is applied to your body and then wrapped in a warm cocoon-like blanket. The mud soothes and heals tired, sore muscles while hands and feet are pampered with a hot stone and warm body oil. Finishing this treatment is a head and scalp pressure point massage. (60 min)

Replenishing Holistic  Scrub 

$95 (50min)

Come experience a body scrub that is more than an exfoliation treatment, it is an experience.
A holistic journey into the heart of PHYTOMER to recharge the body's batteries. Deeply relaxing and re-energizing, this new body treatment offers a unique multisensorial experience based on OLIGOMER;, PHYTOMER'S mythic active ingredient with remineralizing and fortifying benefits, and exfoliates all of the dead skin cells.

Velashape Body Contouring and Cellulite Reduction (Not offered at this time)

Velashape, the ultimate solution for body countouring and cellulite reduction, uses revolutionary vacuum massage technology to smooth and tighten the skin while improving circulation. This procedure provides the solution millions of women have been seeking.  

Package Pricing:
1 session $99

5 sessions $425

8 Sessions $700
10 sessions $825
15 sessions $1,200

This FDA Approved cellulite reduction treatment uses a Velashape vacuum massage as an effective non-surgical, non-invasive alternative treatment for body sculpting and your answer to cellulite reduction. You will notice a difference in the fit of your clothes to noticeable improvement of your skin and shape of your body with a series of Velashape treatments. This is an amazing technique that will detox, cleanse, tighten and tone your body, while increasing collagen in the skin and tissue.

Add-ons Available for Indulgence